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Securing Your Business

Software security is essential for all businesses. This could be as simple as installing anti-virus on your physical machines, or designing a reporting system to help guide your team if they are ever faced with a threat. Installing anti-virus software gives you the security you need from cyber threats

Inara Systems provides Bitdefender and Webroot  to give you the protection you deserve. They are unmatched in their next generation end point and network protection.

Implementing a fully installed physical security system will offer you the additional protection from your physical assets. Surveillance cameras protect your property, your staff and your assets from threats. These cameras can be linked to your mobile device to give you access at all times.

We also implement and install physical security systems and provide you with a service package for ongoing support.

Back-up and Data Recovery

Having a back-up and disaster recovery plan in place before a disaster hits you is vital. It is common for companies to implement one shortly after their first attack, as it wasn't a top priority in their business plan. Don't wait until you are attacked. Think proactively and see what back-up and disaster recovery plans we can offer you.

If you already have security in place and need help with managing it or updating software, we can help with this too.

Physical and Digital Protection

Protecting more than just your data

CCTV Solutions

CCTV enhances business security, operational efficiency, and risk mitigation. Its scalability and integration make it a valuable, future-oriented investment, providing evidence for investigations and fostering a safer environment for all.

Device Warranties

Device warranties provide vital protection, covering potential malfunctions and hardware issues for your business equipment. Ensuring cost-effective maintenance and peace of mind, they safeguard your tech and minimize disruptions to operations.

Anti Virus Software

Antivirus software is a cornerstone of comprehensive cybersecurity, defending against evolving threats to ensure data integrity, maintain regulatory compliance, and provide cost-effective security for your business operations.


A firewall is essential for your business's cybersecurity, acting as a barrier against unauthorized access and cyber threats. By monitoring network traffic, it protects data integrity and fortifies your digital security.

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What is Access Control?

Access control is the practice of managing and regulating authorized entry to digital systems, networks, or physical spaces. It involves user authentication, authorization, and audit capabilities to ensure security by preventing unauthorized access and protecting sensitive information.

A firewall serves as a critical security barrier by monitoring and controlling network traffic based on predefined rules. It prevents unauthorized access, safeguards against cyber threats like malware and hackers, and enhances overall cybersecurity by maintaining network privacy.

Regular cybersecurity awareness programs are essential. Educate employees on creating strong passwords, recognizing phishing attempts, and securing sensitive information. Stress the importance of software updates, promote VPN use for remote access, and establish clear guidelines for data handling. Cultivate a cybersecurity-aware culture to empower your staff as proactive defenders against online threats.

Specialized antivirus software surpasses built-in solutions by offering advanced threat detection and removal capabilities. Regular updates address emerging threats, providing better protection against the latest malware. Additional features like real-time scanning, email filtering, and firewall integration contribute to a more robust defense. Opting for specialist antivirus ensures a higher level of security compared to relying solely on built-in features.

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